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The Farm Shop

Regional meat from our farm with Wilma speaking:

,,Delicious regional meat from our Blaarkop cow, a milk and meat breed. Blaarkop cows give little less milk per year, but they are much stronger and much tastier! Our moos have had a comfortable life; were happy, because they are more than eight months on the pastures. Their milk and meat has therefore many more omega-3 and other healthy fatty acids than the milk and meat of cows that are less often outside. Another result is that the meat is much tastier than "common" meat.

We have 130 milking cows on our extensive farm and 100 pieces of young cattle, which all have space in galore. In the pastures, we try to create more and more space for herbs to grow. The cows eat mainly a natural diet of grass and herbs; and are fed with a small amount of concentrates during the milking of the cows. For this reason the cows, (which are minimally eight months to be found on the pastures), produce a healthy and delicious product of milk and meat. On account of organic justified farming, the plants and animals have more time to grow in a natural speed. This means to take the inner nature of the animal into account as well. All of this results in a much better quality of our food!

Organic farming is a bit expensive compared to inorganic farming. This is due to certain reasons:

  • We must feed the cows merely organic fodder; the prices of this organic fodder are much higher for the farmer.
  • We aren't allowed to use any artificial fertilisers and insecticides. This means that some over presented weeds have to be removed manually, which is much more labour-intensive.
  • Due to the fact that we don't use artificial fertilisers, we have a reduced growth of grass on our pastures. This means that it takes a longer time before we can harvest our grass, through which we have a loss of harvest of grass. For this reason we started with the compost branch, through which this loss is being compensated. However, this branch is labour-intensive as well.
  • Due to the lower production we have to treat more hectares of pasture for the same revenue as for example more intensive companies)

Fresh, organic milk from our farm!

The shop for milk and meat is located in the former haystack. When you walk from the road for about ten metres on the entrance grounds of the farm, you will see at your right hand a brown-white door. The milk comes fresh from the cows, and isn't pasteurized, through which vitamins and tastes are preserved.

You can bring yourself a bottle, bucket or drink bowl to fill it with milk. We have also deposit bottles and -bowls to fill them with milk, that are available for a small amount of money (10 pence a bowl, 50 pence a bottle), and can off course be taken with you. The device only accepts euro coins. The shop is only open on Saturdays from 11:00 to 17:00.

Please note that our milk costs 1 euro per litre


We fatten a small amount of our Blaarkops especially for the sale of meat. This means that this meat will be of high quality regarding its taste, health and tender. (The meat is deeply frozen). Every once in a while, we sell unique lamb and pork meat. You can subscribe yourself via the contact form for the "meat newsletter" to get continuous updates about the availability of fresh meat. The opening hours are every Saturday from 11.00-17.00. But, if you are by accident on another date in the neighbourhood, you can call for the farmer's wife (the phonenumber is sticked to one of the freezers).
Ordering can be done via email

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Solar Power

The past years, many farmers have focused themselves more on sustainable farming, in which sustainable energy is one of the top priorities. We have chosen for a sustainable independancy as well, and have therefore installed solar panels on the roofs of our stables in the summer of 2009 and 2017.