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Compost can be formed with organic waste to make a steady end product. It consists out of pure plant material which consists of all the nutrients that a plant needs. The process in which compost is formed, can be seen as a natural process, in which plant material (in or above the soil) is being digested. The compost process is a natural process, which completely fits our organic directed company; the compost is a very good replacement of artificial fertilizers. Ultimately, the compost branch proved to be indispensable in our company's policy.

Companies and private individuals can supply organic waste to use that we will process into compost:
Please contact us if you want to get rid of your organic waste >

Or just buying some compost for your garden?

As a gardener, either professionals or amateurs, good compost makes in any case a garden flourish. We offer our own compost for companies and consumers:

Customers pay

€ 12,50 ,- / 100 litres of compost (Preferably take plastic bags with you. It is mainly self service.)

Large quantities

€ 20,00 / m3 (This is excluding transportation costs)

Please, contact us for more information on the different kinds of compost, terms and other information >

In our compost branch mowed grass is being processed from ecologic managed terrains (parks). On these terrains no artificial fertilizers are being used. A part of the end product goes back to the terrains, i.e. Natuurmonumenten. When the material has been imported the substance will be turned over every month with a crane.

Within 6 months good compost arises, which is suitable for grass land, plants and gardens. When compost is being used instead of artificial fertilizers, the soil and the life within will be stimulated. The soil takes care for a rich and varied nutrition of the grass (i.e. spore elements). Then the cycle of life is round again.

In our compost branch a lot of grass originates from our nature conservation
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