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Guided tours

It has become a trend that farmers involve civilians outside the agricultural sector with their lives on the countryside. We have made the decision to give you the opportunity to take part in this as well. We offer therefore guided tours. Don't hesitate to ask us for a guided tour. We will give an informative and entertaining tour, in which you will see how we work, and how our nature management and compost branch are working. Off course you are free to take a look at the stables.

Civilians are dependent from the countryside for their provision of food. Unfortunately, there are a lot of children (but also grown-ups) from the city, who have no idea whatsoever where there food is coming from. But, it is of great importance to know something about food: it gives people the ability to make choices in food that go further than just its price, colour, etiquette or the availability in the nearest shop.

Henk and Wilma like to teach children from the city about farming and to let them taste the countryside. Wilma has been teaching in the past and finds it a challenge to combine education with our own farm. That's why we have chosen to organize excursions for schools. We have even received a special education certificate, which guarantees the quality of the education we offer. For the excursions we have created a education facility, where the children will be welcomed before the excursion starts. The province of North-Holland has contributed to this facility via subsidies.
Please contact us for an excursion for your school or company
Of course the excursions do cost some money.

Farms are rich learning environments where a lot can be experienced: the animals, the plants, various building and machines, the extraordinary way of living of the farmer and his wife, strange smells, the surroundings of the farm and space in galore. A farm isn't a place where you quickly drop by and leave. No, it is a very fascinating and intriguing environment to learn something about the fundament of our society.

Education on the farm has the following purposes:

  • Students from primary schools are introduced to different facets of food production, to know: the different seasons, products, cultivated animals and plants, the area of distribution and the surroundings in which products are being produced.
  • Experiencing of the quality of food (eat habits, freshness, hygiene, taste).
  • Physically working on the farm and tasting an other way of living rhythm.
  • Experiencing the closeness of the countryside and to give an example to reach it.

Depending on the time and season, children can help with the following chores:

  • Feeding and brushing the animals, tidying hutches out, removing weeds, sweeping, searching meadow birds and marking their nests, cleaning of the milk tank, counting the cattle, twining rope, fertilising the fruit trees, spitting weeds out in the vegetable garden and harvesting crops, and plucking apples.

During the parts that are specified on education a walk through the polder can be done. During this walk different activities can be organised in consultation with the concerning teachers:

  • Explanation about meadow birds and plants & herbs
  • Fishing in ditches: with a landing-net investigating which animals and plants live in a farming ditch.
  • Making a profile of the soil.
  • Besides, it is possible to cook or make something from fresh milk (for example making a small piece of cheese) or to do a search on the farmstead.
Please contact us for further appointments and information about the costs >
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Adopt a cow

We offer the opportunity to adopt a cow or a veal. We have become (officially) so called "adoption farmers" and have thereby taken part in the organisation Adopteer een koe (adopt a cow). This organisation aims are: wellness for the cattle, healthy products, environment friendly producing, a fair income for the farmers and attention to nature and landscape.

In short, the organisation wants to connect and preserve. The efforts of this organisation appeal us. After some time we registered ourselves to become an adoption farmer. This gives us the right to give you the possibility to adopt a cow on our agricultural farm (in cooperation with Adopteer een koe).
If you are interested in adopting a cow, please donít hesitate to contact us >

For more information about this organisation: www.adopteereenkoe.nl >