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Nature and management

Landscape management
We see with pleasure our cows grazing in the green pastures. It is possible that you see this with pleasure too. We offer namely the possibility to let cows, bullocks/ox and sheep graze on your terrain (private owned terrains and nature terrains). Our good animals can reach difficult reachable terrain. Above all, it is very expensive to mow certain parts of terrain by machine and afterwards carry the waste away. Grazing is a cheap and good alternative. This results in a sustainable and honest management of the landscape and provides at the same time a nice picture.

We ffer you the possibility to mow grass and to make hay (if necessary).

It is possible to let us see to fencing of terrains bigger than 0.5 hectares.

Please contact us when you are interested >

Much of this green waste goes to the compost branch
see compost >

Management of nature on farm Oost-Gein
Rijn Vecht en Venen is an organisation for agricultural nature- and landscape management in the Gooi- and Vecht region (two near river regions). This organisation makes up contracts with its members for botanic management. On our farm we do in cooperation with this organisation meadow bird protection and ditch management (protection of plants in the ditches).