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1391 JE Abcoude

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Living on the farm

In our farm it is possible to rent an apartment. We offer a different range in apartments. Do you wish to know which apartments are available at the moment, you can contact us. Please note that we are looking mainly for people who want to rent a room for a considerable period of time.


At the moment we don't have fixed prices for an apartment (logically dependable on the amount of persons and the extent of the period of time).When you are interested, please contact us, and we may come to an agreement


The farm is situated in the beautiful region Gein, where the nature is to be found everywhere. Besides, the farm is only 10 minutes driving from the motorway the A2. In addition, the village Abcoude is situated only three kilometres from our farm, where every half an hour a train is leaving in the direction of Amsterdam (and Rotterdam). You might as well bike to Amsterdam South-East to take the subway to Amsterdam Central (biking takes about 15 minutes). In general, it takes half an hour or ¾ an hour to come in Amsterdam Central from our farm.

Room Rental